How to train non english speakers for the workplace

English in the workplace

English opens doors, enhances careers and creates opportunities because it connects people around the world. Today's market and business scene clearly follows a network model. Connections and communications are fundamental to create new opportunities and close deals between partners, clients and suppliers. More opportunities and more prospects means more competitive activities and better projections. English in the workplace has become an invaluable asset, most times indispensable to get beyond tight local limitations. Learning english and training your employees in the use of this language is one of the most important investments you can plan. You will see returns in short and long terms, and the possibilities for your activities will multiply exponentially.

English should be taught to workers all around the world, regardless of the language of the country where they are. Let's break it into two main categories: English for non-English speakers in English speaking countries, and English for non-English speakers in non-English countries. Read More...

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